Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is an innovative method for mental and emotional complaints. IEMT can be used to process and let go of unpleasant experiences, or to integrate positive insights. It doesn’t matter if your question is private or work related! In many cases it is more effective than you would ever expect. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me via

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The IEMT-method is similar to EMDR in which eye movements are used. However, there are differences:

  1. IEMT does not require an extensive preliminary examination as with EMDR.
  2. IEMT can be used for a wide range of complaints, in contrast to EMDR, which is specifically used for trauma.
  3. With IEMT, the client does not have to tell “the story” but only to feel the emotion the memory triggers. You do not have to name the content of your experience and that can be experienced as very safe and pleasant if there is guilt or shame.

IEMT can be used, for example, for complaints as a result of life events such as: divorce, bankruptcy, illness or sexual harassment. But emotions such as fear, jealousy, sadness, insecurity, anger or guilt can also haunt the person for months and sometimes even years. IEMT can also be used for PTTS or trauma, stress reduction and burnout, but also to give your personal growth a significant boost.

So even when you just feel like you’ve lost yourself a bit and you’re not feeling well, IEMT works super fast and well!

Get to know IEMT

Do you experience mental or emotional complaints and do you want to get started to process them? Get to know IEMT! During our introduction I will explain how IEMT works and we will do an introductory exercise to find out if IEMT works for you. From there you decide whether we will work together. Do you have questions? Please contact me through

How does ‘Integral Eye Movement Therapy’ work?

IEMT works directly with the sensory system. From a feeling that you currently experience as problematic, we go back to the first memory with this feeling with the help of a number of questions. Through eye movements we instruct the brain to look, think and feel more broadly in relation to this memory. Your brain makes new connections (neurological connections): the effect is that the memory fades, becomes further away and loses its emotional charge. The memory is stored in passive long-term memory and triggers in the present disappear as a result. The bad memory has been neutralized and there is room for new positive experiences.


The result of an IEMT session is a feeling of liberation, relief and contentment. You feel more powerful, more balanced, more optimistic and better able to face your future.

-> To learn more about proven effects of IEMT, read the study: The measurable effect of an IEMT session visualized.

Introductory exercise?

I always start with an introductory exercise to find out if my working method is something for you. If you are interested in IEMT, please feel free to contact me

On my YouTube channel you will find lots of more movies about IEMT, but those are all in Dutch. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (

Spiritual development

Roots of emotions

Reconcile with yourself

Pauline is trained as an IEMT Practitioner and IEMT Advanced and is a member of The Association for IEMT Practitioners. The IEMT training is accredited by the (CRKBO) and complies with the Quality Code for Training Institutions for Vocational Education.